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HISTORY of District Judiciary Islamabad

Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT) as contained in paragraph (B) of clause (2) of Article 1 of the Constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan 1973 is completely geographical administrative territory which is being governed according to provisions of the Islamabad Capital Territory (Administration) Order, 1980 (President Order No. 18 of 1980) exclusively beyond the administrative control and without any administrative nexus with any province or other territories of the Federation as contained in paragraph (A), (C) and (D) of clause (2) Article 1 of the Constitution.
Islamabad District Judiciary got its existence on 01.07.1980 and the first District & Sessions Judge appointed was Mr. Khalid Paul Khawaja (since retired as Judge of the Lahore High Court, Lahore). From 01.07.1980 till 13.05.2011, District Judiciary was under the control of supervision of Lahore High Court, Lahore. Pursuant to the 18th amendment of the Constitution, Islamabad High Court, Islamabad was established vide Law, Justice and Parliamentary Affairs Division Notification No. F-17(2)/80-Pub, dated 31.12.1980 and it was also given the supervision over District Judiciary Islamabad.
Islamabad High Court Act, 2010 was enacted later on to make the provisions for effective functioning of the Islamabad High Court. In pursuance to section 6 of this Act read with Article 203 of the Constitution Islamabad High Court framed the Rules for establishment of district judiciary Islamabad called as ”Islamabad Judicial Service Rules, 2011”. Since then District Judiciary Islamabad is under the administrative control and supervision of Islamabad High Court, Islamabad.
In 2012 vide notification dated 24.03.2011 issued by the Government of Pakistan (Office of the Chief Commissioner) ICT was divided into two Sessions Divisions in terms of Section 6(4) of the Islamabad High Court Act, 2010 those were East and West having independent strength of Judicial Officers headed by independent District and Sessions Judge in each area.
Right now in Islamabad (West), there are 8 Additional District and Sessions Judges, 3 Senior Civil Judges-cum-Magistrates (Administrative, Judicial and Guardian) and 28 Civil Judges-cum-Magistrates whereas, in Islamabad East, there are 5 Additional District and Sessions Judges, 3 Senior Civil Judges (Administrative, Judicial and Guardian) and 12 Civil Judges-cum-Magistrates.

Islamabad (West) All Sectors; All municipal limits; Union council Shah Allah Ditta, Saidpur, Noor-pur Shahan and area falling western side of the Murree Road starting from Faizabad and leading towards Bharakahu
Islamabad (East) 11 Union Councils i.e. Rewat, Sihala, Koral, Tarlai, Bharakahu, Kirpa, Chirah, Sohan, Kurri, Tumair and Phulgran including villages Ojri and Malpur